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2010 加拿大愛民頓中樂節 「美樂交融聚愛城」 五月二十一至二十六日
2010 Chinese Music Festival, Edmonton, Canada – May 21 to May 26 


2010 Chinese Music Festival, Edmonton, Canada – May 21 to May 26
Bonne  Musique"  in Edmonton

Description of the Visiting Orchestra 

Hong Kong 

1. The Hong Kong New Territories Women and Juvenile Welfare Association Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra   

The Hong Kong New Territories Women and Juvenile Welfare Association Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra were first established in 1984 and it is trained and directed by teacher Mr. Ng Chiu Shing. Since its establishment, it has been active both inside and outside of the school district. The Orchestra was invited to perform as guest performers in many public functions and has maintained a very good reputation and fame. The Orchestra is enthusiastically supported by the parents and the general public. 

The Orchestra had performed in many cities in China in the past. It had also performed in Singapore and Canada. In the many Inter-School student music competitions, the Orchestra had obtained numerous prizes in both group and solo performances. In June, 1999, the HK Chief Executive Mr. Tung Chi Wah visited Taipo District and enjoyed a performance by the Orchestra and praised its achievements. 

In January 2001, the Orchestra participated in the Beijing First Children Orchestra Invitational Competition and obtained the “Star Trophy “award. In 2002, the Orchestra performed in Singapore and received great accolade. In August 2005, the Leung Sing Tak Chinese Orchestra participated in the Beijing Third youth Orchestra Invitational and obtained the “Sunshine (First Class) “Trophy, organization trophy and Director Trophy.                


2.Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra

The Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra was founded in October 2000 by the Music Director. Chih-Sheng Chen, and a group of young musicians who are both enthusiasts of Chinese art, as well as professionally accomplished players. The instrumentation of the orchestra consists essentially of two groups of instruments-Si Zhu: ‘ Si ’, or ’ silk ’ string instruments, and ‘ Zhu ‘, or ‘ bamboo ‘ wind instruments. The musicians of the orchestra are dedicated to contributing to the spread of Chinese music throughout the world. 

In 2002, the orchestra organized a series of concert tours in which 70 musicians took part, including its debut concert ‘Peony Pavilion  –  Xun-Fa Yu’s Dizi Art’  This debut was not only widely celebrated, but also praised as a ‘miracle’ of this youth orchestra. This performance won the attention of experts on Chinese music and gave rise to the symposium ‘The Direction of Development of the State Orchestra – inspiration from an Amateur orchestra.  

In 2004 the orchestra went on two concert tours: ‘A Series of Concerts Passing on the Touch between Taiwan and China’, and ‘A Series of Concerts for Young musicians’.  These included numerous collaborations with Chinese instrument soloists: among others Xun-Fa Yu (dizi).  His-Rong Wang (pipa), Ke-Mei Jiang (banhu), Jiang-Bin Liu (suona).  Tze-You Lin (suona).  Ying Wang(erhu), Hui Lee(percussion), Wei-Wei Lan(pipa), Ming-Yu Wang (erhu), etc.  The orchestra was also selected for the ‘Taipei Traditional Festival’ organized by the Taipei Municipality, performing a Si-Zhu chamber concert in the Taipei’s municipal Zhoung-Shan Hall. 

In 2005 the little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra was selected for support and development by the Taiwan Council for Culture Affairs.  It has also received admiration and financial support from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs, the National Centre for Traditional Arts, the Taipei City Government Department of Culture Affairs, and the National Culture and Arts Foundation. 

In several years of training and practice, the Little Giant Chinese Chamber orchestra has matured into an ensemble of both technical and artistic proficiency, and represents a new generation in the history of the Chinese orchestra.  With every performance it hopes to demonstrate the energy and passion of the new generation of Taiwanese musicians in order to breathe new life into the deeply-rooted art form of Chinese music. 


3. Pentatonics - B.C. Chinese Orchestra  

The B.C. Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) was formed in 1995 by enthusiastic Chinese music lovers who wished to promote Chinese music within our multicultural society.  It provides a platform for Chinese music lovers and promotes Chinese music in the wider community. Its aim is to share Chinese musical culture with others to increase Canada’s understanding of Chinese culture through music. 

The BCCMA is fortunate to have Honorary President Mr. S.K. Lee, Honorary Patron Dr. Paul C.H. Wong, and Honorary Advisors: Mr. Ni-Chung Kwan, Mr. Cheng-Fu Liu, Professor Alan Thrasher, Mr. Leung-Tak Tong, Mr. Hui-Chang Yan and Mr. Cheng-Long Zhou for guidance and support in achiving the association’s goals with professionalism. 

The B.C. Chinese orchestra (BCCO) has been performing regularly in various culture, festive, and charitable events for the community.  The B. C. Chinese Music Ensemble (BCCME) and the B.C. Youth Chinese Orchestra (BCYCO) were formed to introduce virtuosos and to train young musician respectively. 

The BCCMA has organized lectures, master classes, instrument exhibitions, seasonal concerts, and fundraising concerts. It coordinated with the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival to help host the <Chinese Ethnic Instruments Classes> competition since 2001. It also collaborated with the Central Conservatory of Music, China to host the <overseas Chinese Instruments Grate Examination> from 2006 in Canada. 

The BCCMA is a designated charitable organization and a not-for-profit music society concentrating on the promotion of Chinese music culture and related activities.  Your participation and support are most welcome. 

4. Toronto Chinese Orchestra 

Toronto Chinese Orchestra is a no-profit organization established in 1993 by a group of Chinese traditional music enthusiasts. We are the largest Chinese orchestra in Ontario and the longest running in Canada. Our members include professional and amateur musicians trained in Asia as well as Canada. Our purpose is to promote and develop an appreciation of Chinese orchestra music and culture amongst Canadians. For over 15 years, TCO has continued to be a strong presence in this multicultural community.  In addition to performing in many concerts, TCO holds educational workshop in school, participates in community fundraising events, cultural events, festivals, and celebrations across Ontario. 

5.  The Yellow River Ensemble 

The Yellow River Ensemble is a professional Chinese music troupe that performs traditional and contemporary Chinese music on Chinese instruments such as the dizi (transverse bamboo flute), zhonggruan (moon guitar), hulusi (gourd based reed instrument), gaohu (high-pitched bowed lute), erhu (python-skin bowed lute),guzheng (Chinese zither/harp), xiao (vertical bamboo flute), and various percussion instruments. The group has been carefully constructed from the best professional Chinese musicians in the region including faculty from York University and Toronto’s music departments, prolific soloists, and leading members of the Toronto Chinese Orchestra. Members of the ensemble have performed across Canada, the United States, Poland, Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China, and for dignitarics  such as the former president elect of Poland Stanislaw Taminski . Their performances have been broadcast across China on CCTV. This pedigree has helped to develop the Yellow River Ensemble’s reputation as one of the best Chinese music ensembles in the country. 

The Yellow River Ensemble plays under the leadership of Dr. Kim Chow-Morris, an internally performing dizi virtuoso, and one of the leading Chinese music performers in Canada. Zhongruan and percussion player Jaro Dabrowski, erhu and gaohu performer Patty Chan, and guzheng and percussion player Miriam Sue, each of whom possess active performing careers, round out the group. 

The Yellow River Ensemble provides music both for large and small venue staged concerts and festivals, as well as background music for banquets and parties. The ensemble members have also regularly shared their stage with dancers, comedians, local radio broadcasters, and others in multi-media events. While the ensemble is based on a quartet of troupe also accommodates requests for performances of between two and five players, in accordance with organizers requests. The ensemble has a wide range of repertoire and generally provides musical performances of between half an hour to two hours in length.
















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