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Third Anniversay Concert of the Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica, June 13, 2004

The ECP is holding its Third Anniversary concert on June 13, 2004, at the Provincial Museum Theatre. The concert will be given by the Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica and will be joined by the Chinese Orchestra of the Hong Kong Leung Sing Tak Primary School as our guest.  The HK Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra had just obtained the gold medal in the 2003 Hong Kong Youth Music Show.  A Hong Kong Radio TV show documented the activities of the Leung Sing Tak Primary School Orchestra in a program called "Shaolin of Chinese Music" . The concert shall be conducted by the famous composer and conductor Mr. Ng Chiu Shing from Hong Kong.  

The concert will take place in the Alberta Provincial Museum Theatre in Edmonton, 7:30pm Sunday June 13, 2004.           

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假如大家有興趣多了解中國民族音樂,親身體驗民族樂隊四類樂器的效果,現在有一大好機會,本市愛城民樂團所舉辦的「山青水秀樂逍遙」音樂會,是一個在愛民頓市難得一見的、由本地中國民族音樂團體所辦的專場民樂演奏會,有各類民族樂器的獨奏和合奏,並邀請到香港指揮家吳朝勝先生,與及名滿香港的梁省德小學中樂團,偕同愛城民樂團於「山 青水秀樂消遙」音樂會中演出。




程致毅 - 中國民族樂器篇 - 為音樂會而寫 (This article is only available in Chinese)

愛民頓介紹 Introuction to Edmonton
亞省博物館 Provincial Museum of Alberta
From Edmonton - Jasper National Park

歡迎來到愛民頓市 Welcome to the City of Edmonton

西愛民頓商場 West Edmonton Mall - the World Largest Indoor Shopping Mall

嘉賓:香港專業指揮家吳朝勝先生 客席指揮

Guest conductor for the concert:

Famous Hong Kong composer and conductor Mr. Chiu Shing Ng


Percussion group of the Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica - demonstrating at the A-Channel TV Station, 8:45 am, June 8, 2004


Hong Kong Leung Sing Tak Primary School Orchestra

Above: The Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica performing at the Edmonton Northland Agricom, January 2004 - celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Monkey, 愛城民樂團



Guest: Hong Kong Leung Sing Tak Primary School Orchestra

Visiting Tai Chong, China


Guest: Hong Kong Leung Sing Tak Primary School Orchestra



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